Group Dog Walking

Benefits of Group Walks

Enhanced Social Skills: Dogs in a group walk develop better socialization skills, interacting with various breeds and personalities.
Positive Peer Influence: Positive behavior is reinforced through observation of other well-behaved dogs.
Energy Release: Group walks often provide more vigorous exercise as dogs engage in playful activities with one another.
Problem-Solving Opportunities: Dogs encounter different situations, promoting cognitive engagement and problem-solving.
Tailored Dynamics: Group walks allow dogs to be grouped based on energy levels, ensuring a more balanced and harmonious experience.
Affordable Option: Group walks are a more cost-effective solution compared to one-to-one walks.
Consistent Routine: Group walks often follow a regular schedule, providing dogs with a predictable routine that contributes to overall well-being.
Ease of Planning: Owners benefit from the ease of planning and consistency that group walks offer.
Companionship: Dogs feel less isolated during group walks, reducing separation anxiety as they are in the company of other dogs.

Group walks run Monday to Friday

30 minutes – £9 per walk
1 hour – £13 per walk

Additional dogs from the same household (30 minutes – £7 | 1 hour – £11)
Prices are for our base areas (Kidsgrove/Talke), outside these areas an additional charge may apply


Group dogs need to be well socialised and trained so they are able to walk off lead with good recall. If your dog is not quite there yet but you would like them to join group walks don't worry; we can take them on one-to-one walks and work alongside you to get them to where they need to be join in the fun!
We walk dogs which have not been neutered in our groups. Some intact males have no problem at all walking with other intact males, however, some really struggle with this and are better suited to one-to-one walks. We also walk bitches which have not been spayed. When is season we walk them on lead and with other female dogs/male dogs who show no interest or swap them onto one-to-one walks.
Each team member is insured to walk a group of 6 dogs at a time. However, We found that the sweet spot is groups of 4 dogs. Occasionally, we will take 5 if we have an established group of friends booked in on the same day.
Walks start when we arrive at the walk location and all of the dogs are out of the vehicle and ready to go.
This depends on the order of pick ups, drop offs and the location of the walk, which we do in the most time efficient way. For a half hour walk, your dog might be out of the house for up to an hour and half. For hour group walks, your dog might be out of the house for up to two and half hours
Our hour group dogs tend to be larger breeds with more energy. They have a longer walk in the morning which wears them out for the rest of the day. Our half hour walks are a great way to break up the day for calmer larger dogs and smaller dogs. Although we do have smaller more energetic dogs on our hour walks. Once we have met you and your dog we can establish which length walk is best suited to your dog.
We walk the hour group dogs in the morning at some point between 9am and 11am (pick ups can start as early as 8.30am and drop offs can be as late as 11.30am depending on what time the walk starts). We have found the morning walk works well for our hour dogs. They are tired after an engaging hour of running around, exploring, sniffing and playing with their friends, they then happily sleep the afternoon away. We walk our half group dogs between 11am and 2pm (pick ups can start as early as 10.30am and drop offs can be as late as 2.30pm depending on what time their walk starts). However, if you want a more accurate time you will find a half hour pick up window in your schedule on your online portal. This is updated by 8pm the day before the walk.
We ask all of our customers to get us a key cut before the first walk. We are fully insured to carry our customer's keys and label them in a way that does not relate to your address.
Our team have a combination of vans and cars which are kitted out with cages, separators and fastenings to secure the dogs whilst in transit.
With over 5 years experience walking in groups in the area we know all the best spots. We walk in a variety of locations across Kidsgrove, Biddulph, Packmoor and Chell.
Please leave out all of the equipment you use to walk your dog (lead, harness, etc.), as well as, a towel so we can dry them off after their walks.
By 8pm on the day of the walk you will receive a service report via email. It contains an update, as well as, photos of your dog enjoying their walk.
The youngest we will take dogs on a group walk is 4 months old. All pups start on the half hour group walk but depending on their breed and energy levels may need to move onto the hour group walks as they get older. There is no upper age limit, one of our Happy Waggers is 17 years old!
All of the information we need about yourself and your dog is completed on our online booking system. This is also where you are able to request walks and view your walk schedule.
Before the first walk we will come out and meet you and your dog. We have a team of five members of staff so we generally send the person who will be walking your dog the most. All the information we need is collected on our online booking system before the meet and greet and any additional notes are added after the meeting by the staff member. The rest of the team will check through the information in preparation for their first walk. Please note the meet and greet is charged at the same rate as a half hour one-to-one walk.
We try to keep dogs with the same member of staff but this is not always possible. One of the great advantages of having a team is that we can cover each others holidays and sick days. We work as a team 365 days a year so are always available. Don't worry, the dogs soon get used to us and we love talking about your dogs and the things we have found that make them tick.
Introducing dogs to our established packs is both time and staff intensive. Unfortunately we have had people use group walks as a cheaper alternative to one-to-one walks. Group walks are a long term commitment. Dogs frequently coming and going can destabilise the groups and it is not fair on our dogs or staff.
The reason we are able to successfully walk groups of dogs is because is it part of the dogs normal routine. The dogs know which days they are going (believe it or not!), what time they are going, who they are going with and their friends. We need to keep this routine for all of the dogs, otherwise, they can become overexcited which can negatively effect their behaviour and the walk for the rest of their group.
As long as you book a minimum of 2 walks per week we don't mind which days they are on.
You are welcome to cancel bookings but the payment for the bookings will be lost. Unfortunately we are unable to move bookings once they have been made. In both of these scenarios we will have turned away other customers to honour your booking. We ask all of our customers to check their diaries carefully before booking.